Fashion Designer Lavinia Zhao – WHITE POLAR STAR COLLECTION

“True creativity comes from people who dare to be unique and original”

Awarded the best collection of 2021

The Fashion Designs of Lavinia Zhao are truly unique and original. Lavinia Zhao is an independent fashion designer label based in Amsterdam. Zhao studied BA Fashion Design at Polimoda in Italy and graduated in 2021. Her graduation collection “White Polar Star” was awarded the best collection of the Polimoda fashion runway show 2021.

For most fashion designers, it may take a while for them to establish who they really are. After viewing Lavinia’s “White polar Star” collection, I was convinced that she had already realized who she was as a designer. I’m sure you will agree,  we are witnessing the beginnings of excellence and greatness. This collection is definitely ready to present to the press.

“They use embroidery on their clothing as their only way to record their culture”

The inspiration for this collection comes from Yunnan, a province in the southwestern part of China, where 25 ethnic groups live together. There, each ethnic group has its own culture, language, and clothing. However, many of them do not have writing, so they use embroidery on their clothing as their only way to record their culture. The meaning of these embroideries is to symbolize the relationship between people, nature, and the galaxy. For years, these cultures and traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Now, with the impact of modern life, these minority cultures are disappearing faster than ever.

“Cultural legacy”

Lavinia Zhao’s mission is to continue her cultural legacy by bringing new perspectives to pass on these minority cultures to the next generation. So that more and more people can understand and discover their treasured beauty.

Lavinia is currently working on her new collection which we are looking forward to seeing on the Runway. After seeing her first collection one can only imagine what the second one will look like.

Here’s a brief Q&A we conducted with Lavinia Zhao

Q. What’s the most important thing you would like mentioned the most about you in this article?
A. About my cultural legacy

Q. Who are your favorite top 10 designers?
A. Phoebe Philo; Raf Simons; Daniel Roseberry; Miuccia Prada; Alexander McQueen; Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani; John Galliano; Issey Miyake; Olivier Rousteing; Dries van Noten

Q. What retail store would you like to see your designs in?
A. Multi-brand Boutique; Shopping mall

Q. Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?
A. My brand vision for the next 5 years is to reach a broader audience mainly women from age 25-45. By commercializing aspects of my couture design, each piece will tell a story that the buyer can connect with. Additionally, my designs become more affordable while maintaining a luxury and artistic look and are cherished by the buyer.

Q. What is your personal style of dress?
A. Minimalism

Q. How would you personally rate your designs?
A. Unique

Q. What type of models best showcase your designs on the runway?
A. Female Models who inspire confidence and are elegant

Q. What city or country inspires you the most to create?
A. My Motherland — China

Q. What impact has social media had on your brand?
A. The most effective and most economical way to promote my brand

Lavinia Zhao (By: Jianqing Zhao), is a fashion brand that will inspire you to appreciate your culture and what it has to offer to the world of fashion.


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