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Alexandria Hodnik

Alexandria Hodnik – Makeup Artists

“She can create for you a simple everyday look to a full glamourous look”

Full of creativity and confidence, Alexandria Hodnik shines bright amongst the many makeup artists in New York City. Alexandria has a large range of beauty techniques that come from her own personal experience within the modeling industry. She can create for you a simple everyday look to a full glamourous look. You would never know during or after your session that she has only been working as a professional makeup artist for just over a year.

“keeping up with the “ever-changing” makeup trends”

When asked where she got her inspiration from she replied, “I get a lot of inspiration from watching YouTube videos or Instagram reels. I especially love “Huda“.  For Alexandria, keeping up with the “ever-changing” makeup trends is one of the things she enjoys most about her profession.

You may wonder what Alexandria’s everyday personal style of makeup is? She uses Sephora Lip Gloss, and Ardell eyelashes, and whatever else fits her mood for the day. Until it’s her time for the “lights” so to speak, she stays pretty modest and works on her other skills.


Q. What important fashion tips would you recommend?
A. Find yourself and whatever you feel comfortable in. What was once ” old ” is now new.

Q. What advice would you give others pursuing a career in your field?
A. Always follow your DREAMS and Practice, Practice, practice!

Q. What cities, states or countries do you think best represent the beauty industry?
A. New York City, and Paris France

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Making people feel good about themselves is Alexandria’s main goal. This is one of just a series of upcoming articles that will be highlighting Alexandria’s work and other achievements.

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