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Angy Rodriges Gonsales AngyRodrigesGonsales
Angy Rodriges Gonsales

“She has become a favorite model amongst fashion designers”

Graceful, elegant, sophisticated, stylish, and very tasteful is the best way I can describe Fashion and Beauty model Angy Rodriges Gonsales. She has become a favorite model amongst fashion designers. Originally from Venezuela but now living in Portugal, Angy has renewed her childhood commitment to modeling. Her unique features and natural elegant image really makes her stand out in the crowd. She really grabbed my attention with her smooth and natural runway walk. Angy can enhance the value of any fashion designer’s collection. You can often see her on various social media platforms modeling 

tasteful garments with sophistication and confidence. As you will see from the following Q&A, Angy has a true passion for modeling and more.

Angy Rodriges Gonsales AngyRodrigesGonsales


Q. Why did you decide to become a model?

A. I decided to dedicate myself to modeling when I was still a child. In my country, Venezuela, I always watched Miss Venezuela on television, and I wanted to be like her. I started modeling for photoshoots, fashion shows, advertisements, various events, and even movies/soap operas. For a short time, I had left the fashion industry but now I have come back to pursue my love for it. I feel that I was born for this and I’m very happy to have gotten to where I am now. It took a lot of hard work, and the ability to keep moving forward even when I heard “NO”.

Q. Who were the first models you remember?

A. Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum

Q. How did they impact your journey to become a model?

A. As I stated before, I fell in love with fashion when I was a child, so for me, all of them impacted my life. People always told me that I had features like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell so that was encouraging enough for me to continue.

Q. If you could work with any designer in the World, who would it be? Why?

A. I always wanted to work with the Versace team. Their unique and feminine designs are amazing!

Q. Do you think makeup is as important as the clothing you’re wearing? Why?

A. While Makeup is important, it’s not everything. You can wear nice clothes and not use much makeup. The important thing is to know how to wear your makeup.

Q. Many people want to know the person behind the model persona so, on a lazy day, what would you be caught wearing?

A. Some blouse pants, and a long tennis shirt.

One of the most important qualities of a top model is her personality and character. Angy is a very kind and very easy-going fashion model despite her successes. After viewing her images I’m sure you will agree that Angy has solidified her spot within this competitive fashion industry.

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