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Estephania Holsteinson

I’m delighted to introduce you to Fashion Designer Estephania Holsteinson and owner of Hols.e. Originally from the Dominican Republic, this has inspired her to create a brand (Hols.e) with more of a resort wear mentality, and style. She is involved in every step of her designing process, from the sketch, drape to quality control. She is very interested in technology and innovation and tries to incorporate these features into her designs and collection. She told me, “Dominicans have a very “cool” personality, and are always quick to contemplate their next move and the next cool thing while being rooted in traditions as well”.

Estephania has recently completed her 3rd and largest collection which she is very pleased with. She stated during her interview, “So far this is my favorite collection but there is still a lot of room for growth and there are many directions I still would like to move in”. I think you’ll agree that this latest collection is very versatile and really shows her clients that she is here to stay! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we begin finding her collections in Moda Operandi, Intermix, Kith, Dover Street Market, and other luxury retail stores. I have become an admirer of her work after realizing how much of her heart and creativity she puts into every design.

While working in New York, Estephania found it to be a bit challenging to keep up with the financial demands of the big city.    She told me that her job didn’t really have any upward movement and seemed to be only lateral. This has become a very common problem for more than a few Creatives in NY. Even now she stated that it was “difficult to raise funds” for her business.

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Estephania Holsteinson

Despite her challenges and circumstances, she has managed to continue doing what she loves to do. I was pleased to discover that Estephania would like to grow into a fashion firm that integrates technology and is relevant as well as sustainable within the next five years. We all know that “sustainability is a very important topic for many people including world leaders.

Estephania’s personal style is very eclectic, simple, and clean. She likes to feel functional which allows her to get everything accomplished. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention, she wants the person she is dressing to take the center role. Her focus is on her creations.

When asked what she would change about the Fashion industry she stated, “The waste, the attitudes of superiority, and exclusion, making others feel less in order to feel better or greater than them”. Coming from a person who has dressed Carolina Mejia, the Mayor of her city, that’s a pretty humble statement. Her goal is to “collaborate with more changemakers and people of substance in the future”. She would also like to approach younger people, since “she likes the way they think”.

Estephania is currently grading her current designs before starting her new collection. I’m curious to see what she comes up with. I guess FASHION IS ENDLESS!



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