Q: What or who motivated you to start creating photographic art?

A: In my early childhood days, I really liked designing various things. I learned how to sew, knit and I loved to draw, all of which, led me to become a photographer and creating my photographic artworks. I decided to study photography while studying at a university. Then I realized that I wanted a modern, artistic job that would compliment me. I have now been working in the field of photography for 6 years.

Q: What is your creative process like?

A: The creative process begins with thinking of new ideas and preparation. In many of our photoshoots, we start from scratch. We sew our own costumes, create unique accessories and come up with the perfect makeup looks. This process helps our projects have a successful outcome. I always photograph my subjects in the studio because the studio is my element. Before I began the photoshoot, I first choose specific lighting to create the right atmosphere. I’m also a “photo retoucher”, so I process all of my photos myself just so I can proudly say, “I did it all by myself”.

Q: What Artist do you think you identify with the most?

A: Pablo Picasso

Q: How do you know when you have created a good painting?

A: This feeling appears in the process of creating a photograph. Already on the camera’s screen, I see that there’s a shot that will be the coolest! I’m hurrying home from the studio to start working with the images as soon as possible. I often stay awake very late into the night without sleep just to edit photos that I love.

Q: Does today’s fashion industry inspire you to create?

A: Of course, fashion photography has become more unusual. As well as photo works and collections of clothes, accessories. Bold decisions are appearing more and more. And simple photographs and displays do not inspire anyone. Thanks to this, photography grows and changes its appeal. We do not just photograph fashion, we also tell an incredible story.
Q: What countries or cities inspire you the most?

A: You cannot choose one for me. In every country, city, and culture, I discover something interesting.

Q: How would you best describe your personal Fashion & Beauty style?

A: This is a classic style with original elements or accessories. For example, a classic suit with a strange belt and sneakers. Dress combined with sportswear. A completely unpredictable style sometimes.
Q: Does your love for art inspire your everyday wardrobe choices?

A: Art affects the way I view things. Sometimes in a crowd of people, you see a strangely dressed person. and the first thing you think … probably an artist or designer or model, in general, a person who is “in the subject.” It happens with me, sometimes I want to merge with the crowd, and sometimes I get out of it and show who I am.


Q: What is your educational background as far as photography/art is concerned?

A: I graduated from an art university, this is a school of fine art and teaching. Before that, in my youth, I graduated from a five-year course in art school.

Q: How do you set a price for your work? Is this difficult?
A: I appreciate my strength and production costs, I also appreciate my love for every job and of my international awards. Moreover, the price depends on the circulation, size, and quality of the print.

Q: Do you own an art gallery? If not, is this your goal?

A: Currently, I do not have an art gallery, maybe this step will come a little later. I do not think that this is the goal, rather it is part of the development. Now nothing prevents me from working with my prints with other galleries. I would more like to open a house of photography, where you can come to work, relax and have fun.

Q: How many social media followers do you have? * (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more?)

A: For me, that number is not the main goal. I want my subscribers to be people who really like what I do. For example, I did not pay attention to how many people had subscribed to my account on the photo resource ViewBug. I later discovered that I already had more than 10,000 subscribers, while I did not have time to regularly update the photos. It made me happy. On my other social networks, I have within 9-10 thousand.

Q: What other hidden (creative) talents do you have?

A: I sing and really love music. In my studio, there is always sound to create the atmosphere at a photoshoot. Music is always with me, in the car, at home, and at work.

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A: After 5 years, I think my work will change and I will start working on larger commercial projects. Perhaps I will work more as an art director, I have a good vision of projects and what to do with them.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: When working in the field of photography, you understand that this is not just a click of the camera. You won’t see anyone with a regular shot, given that each of us has a camera on the phone. I want to create photos that people will remember and not just quickly scroll by in their news feed.





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