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Andrea Villaquiran ( Andrea Clous )

Q&A – with Andrea Clous – Eyelash Extension Expert

Q. Tell us a bit about your experience as an eyelash “extensions” expert. What are your long-term goals?
A. I started in the world of eyelash extensions through a friend, to whom I will always be grateful. She left for Madrid to live and taught me what she knew and left me her portfolio of clients. After taking the necessary training at a beauty academy, I started working on eyelashes the first day after completion.

I remember my first client being at my front door when I arrived home that day. It really made me nervous but that’s how I started, and haven’t stopped since. I have worked three years with eyelash extensions and every day I love my profession even more.
My goal is to be able to set up a salon in the city center and teach my employees to do the job just like I do.

Q. Is there a large demand in Spain for eyelash extensions?
A. The demand in Spain for eyelash extensions is increasing day by day. Spanish women have discovered this treatment to be very effective and can see the changes from the moment the treatment starts. It’s a treatment that allows them to be beautiful at any time of the day. It also saves women time when applying their makeup. After applying their makeup they look like a celebrity.

Q. What are the latest trends in eyelash extensions?
A. The latest trend in extensions as regards to Spain, is the volume and the new curvatures, which I will talk about later. Eyelash extensions gradually entered the beauty industry approximately 10 years ago. Naturalness was demanded at only weddings, baptisms, and other special events. Now they want to be striking and explosive with their eyes, they demand a lot of volume, and MEGA volume, especially younger girls. Designs that consist of opening the eye more or correcting it for those eyes that are slightly protruding or large are also highly requested. But in the end, this, like everything else, is something that is increasingly bringing out new trends such as curvatures.

Andrea Clous - andreaclous - - keelmagazine - keel magazine

Q. What curvature do people usually request the most?
A. In my salon I am usually asked more about C curvature, which is a curvature that is quite natural within its curve but is more similar to naturalness. There are several curvatures from A to B that are very straight which is why they are very natural, B, the C are the most used. There is the CC, D which are more pronounced curvatures for girls a little more daring, and already the curvatures M and L are for those who want to wear the latest eyelashes, its design is very marked so that not all girls can wear it and it is very elegant and sophisticated.

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Q. Leaving the United States aside, do you think the women of Spain have created their own trends in extensions in recent years?
A. In recent years, yes, and I’m talking about within the last 5 years. Spanish women have always been about naturalness and classiness. Eyelash extensions have been a bit difficult to accept due to myths and fears of losing your natural eyelashes. Today there are many well-trained “Lashistas” working within the beauty industry. This has helped women lose their fear of experiencing an eyelash extension treatment, thus in Spain eyelash extensions are now a trend, for which I am very happy!

Q. What care tips would you suggest while wearing eyelash extensions?
A. This is something I explain to all of my clients:
1. Do not wet your eyelashes for 24 hours after their first application.
2. Do not go to saunas or get in the Jacuzzi within the first 48 hours.
3. Comb them daily with a brush, which I provide.
4. Keep them clean by washing them with soap and water after the first 24 hours.
5. Do not clean your eyelashes with oily products.
6. Perform touch-ups during the second and third week.
These care tips should be enough to keep your eyelashes more durable.


From Maggie Lines – Journalist
Thank you very much for this interview and for giving me the opportunity to be recognized in other countries and cities outside of Murcia.