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At an age when most of us have no idea what we want to become or do in life, Tess already knew exactly what she wanted. At the youthful age of 17, Tess not only showed an interest in modeling but actually started modeling. When asked how she rates herself as a model on a scale of 1 – 10 she replied, “8”. Her modesty is also reflected in her photographs and lifestyle. We gave her a 10 since we feel she is truly a professional and seasoned fashion model who carries herself very well. Her face alone captivates all who see her. Her bone structure is a photographer’s dream and her total body accents just about any piece of clothing crafted by even the most celebrated of fashion designers.

One of the amazing qualities of Tess which distinguishes her from perhaps other inexperienced models is her ability to always look natural while posing. She is always aware of the way she is expressing herself during a fast-paced runway show or photo shoot. We found out Tess’s beauty regime for staying prepared and looking her best at her shows and photo shoots. “She sleeps very well the night before, washes her hair and always uses a face mask to help keep her skin hydrated and smooth”, then she is all ready to go for the next day.

KEEL MAGAZINE is not the first cover where Tess has made her appearance. She has also graced the covers of 5 other major magazines more than a few times. She has appeared on the cover of “Fotografare” 3 times and the well known “Chic” magazine 2 times. I’m sure we will see her face on many more in the near future. Tess also works as an Art Director and organizes and manages ads for major brands. From the concept, mood board, organization and the communication strategy on social networks, she does it all. With such a background, she fully understands what it takes to be a successful model and businesswoman in this fast-paced world of fashion and beauty. When asked how she would describe herself in one sentence, she gave us one word, “energetic”! No matter how busy Tess may become, she always finds time to be with family and friends which is very important to her. It’s no surprise that she wants to be married and have a family within the next five years. We will check back with her to see how that works out.

Here are a few things you should know before considering working with Tess Perone.

When asked what she looks for in a good photographer, Tess said, “a good photographer must know what he wants to get from shooting and must give good initial guidelines so that the model understands the project too”. This is definitely something all professional photographers should know.

Must be delicate!. If you have been in the fashion business long enough you have seen the makeup artist that looks more like she/he painting a car rather than a human face.

Having a good wardrobe stylist is very important, for Tess this means that he/she should have a lot of good contacts with various brands. In this ever-changing business of fashion and beauty, it’s important to work with someone that can keep you looking up to date and aligned with the concept of the shoot.

It’s no surprise that when asked about her expectations for a hair stylist that she expected the same as she did from the makeup artist. Basically, as with most professional models who work often, they expect to feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process.

Hopefully, this article along with her images will open up many more doors for Tess Perrone. We are still living in a fashion world that by some accounts is about who you know instead of being based on how competent you are. As time moves on, we hope to see Tess Perone in many more fashion spreads, covers and in major international campaigns. After this interview, it was evident that Tess is very determined, strong, positive and an empathetic person.

Shirt: An Yanni
Accessories: An Yanni
Shirt: AROMA30
Photo Assistant: KATIA ZAVAGLIA
Photo retouching: LUCA DI PIETRO

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