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Maraley, the go-to brand for beautiful, elegant and game-changing clothes for women is nestled in the heart of truly Asian Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Maraley is committed to delivering high-quality, elegant pieces through seamless customer experience throughout the world. From premium fabrics and impeccable workmanship to custom tailoring and exquisite embroidery – Maraley’s work-of-art pieces are all about the details.

At the age of 7 Mehri Babayeva, the owner of Maraley created her first embroidery handcraft for her mother. When she turned 17 she created her first dress design for her prom celebration. After Mehri moved to Europe for her studies shortly after, she started experimenting and innovating by combining modern pieces with their traditional embroidered pieces. Although she was quite popular among her friends and family back then, designing was nothing more than her hobby and passion. The real deal was the creation of exquisite Maraley collections that she decided to share with a world years later. Maraley collections have a lot of deeper meanings for her and one of them symbolizes the bridge between Asia and Europe: through conservative masculine-looking corporate wear and flirty, feminine embroidery. Attributable to the fascinating and rich historical and cultural background of her country, designing and embroidery craft intimately intertwined with their women’s daily life up until this date. Embroidery handcrafted when women would hum a heart-felt melody and decorate their clothing with beautiful and intricate patterns goes back to Ancient Silk Road and Nomad times.

The core concept that lies behind all of Mehri’s designs is Balance. Balance of modern and traditional, the balance of masculine and feminine, the balance of needed and wanted. During her earlier years in a corporate environment in the banking industry, Mehri according to her words, was all too pushy and dominant almost like a man losing her feminine touch as she grew in her career. She remembers wearing plain traditional suits and office clothing and that felt like the outer expression of her growing inner dissatisfaction with herself. Mehri was longing for colors, liveliness, vibrancy and this was the point when things started changing for her. That shift is reflected in her first exclusive collection: a sophisticated fusion of traditional masculine work-wear and refreshing feminine embroidery: a shift in favor of “desired” rather than “needed.”

Ever since the inception of the Maraley brand, Mehri’s personal style is the Maraley style. As someone who started from scratch, she has been wearing many hats: designer, business owner, production manager, you name it. It will come as no surprise then that she is also her brand’s ambassador. Whenever she has an important meeting or company function, Mehri pulls out either something from her collections or own customized designs that sit well and feel good. In general, she doesn’t always choose designs that only fit her, but also designs that are in season, fashionable and in style at the time.

One of Mehri’s favorite designers is fine woman’s wear designer Roland Mouret, for she admires his simple yet very elegant style. Famous for draping and fitted silhouettes, his designs celebrate femininity. Mehri can easily identify with his native awareness of sensuality. Although he lacked some designing skills in his early years of career, his natural taste allowed him to create impeccable clothing and become one of the fashion world’s icons. His life story encourages and empowers any “natural” designer who follows his passion and love for designing.

When we asked Mehri, “Is there anything you would you like to see change within today’s designing industry?”, she stated, “In my opinion, the change in the fashion designing industry is not an external event. It is possible and is already happening as many women start making conscious choices for their personal fashion style. It’s a shift that happened in my life in favor of desired rather than needed. When women are confident enough to wear something they desire rather than a piece that needs to be in your wardrobe because it’s a last scream of fashion. The digital and creative age we live in makes it possible to choose from a diversity of designs from young and talented designers and it has been never easier than now to build your unique style and to express your authenticity. Unquestionably, it takes courage to break through fashion stereotypes and stand out from the crowd with your style, innovative work or any other creative endeavor but I believe we all are well along the way to that positive change”.

Having traveled all around the world from a young age, Mehri believes that her self-reliance has given her the strength to build her own path in life and make choices based on self-questioning and self-exploration. She believes that this also holds true for fashion style as well. While ever-changing fashion trends dictate women what to wear and how to wear, Mehri’s sincerest desire for women is that they find their own unique style that expresses their own individuality. Mehri believes that the beauty and uniqueness of her collections are the first steps on a women’s journey to their self-discovery through their authentic fashion style. For Mehri, vibrant colors and exquisite embroidery designs are external celebrations of women’s inner joy and light.

Mehri would love to see every woman wearing her collections, but since from a practical standpoint it is not quite possible, her target is cosmopolitan cities with a largely female population of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, such as New-York, Toronto, Los-Angeles, Sydney, Dubai, and many others.

Mehri or the Maraley brand represents the uniqueness of every woman. Mehri feels that when women embrace and express their authenticity through their own style and their own choices in favor of desired, rather than needed, they become an inspiration for others to shine the way they are!

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