Georgina Thomas – Makeup Artist

Based in the UK

Georgina Thomas - MUA
Georgina Thomas

Georgina Thomas is a professional makeup artist who has worked with some of the top designers, photographers and stylists in the United Kingdom. She was able to do what she loves best in the historic Alscot Park and Gardens located in England, “Set in 4,000 acres of beautiful Warwickshire countryside, mainly within the parish of Preston-on-Stour, Stratford-upon-Avon, Alscot a thriving country Estate has been in the West family for over two hundred years.” It only takes but a glance at the next few pages to see why she is in such high demand.

Photoshoots can only be successful with a fully experienced make-up artist who understands how different shades and colors can determine the outcome of an award-winning photograph. Fashion model Gina Underhill escalated this editorial by exuding class and elegance. Gina’s career started in beauty pageants and catwalk shows and now gravitates towards print shots. Celebrity fashion designer Vivienne Whelan provided a wardrobe. Vivienne has been seen on the hit TV show Project Catwalk Season 3. KTB Jewelry provided all accessories. Throughout this editorial, it is obvious how Georgina advanced the photographs by using her artistry.

Photographer: Clementine Campbell
Dress Designer: Vivienne Whelan
Makeup Artist: Georgina Thomas
Model: Gina Underhill
Jewelry: KTB Jewelry

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