Welcome to the beginnings of GlobalFashionProject.net!

KEEL MAGAZINE has always been committed to exposing fashion professionals-to-be, as well as being a platform for leaders in the fashion world.

Now, we are proud to apply this status to a new effort, and take to another level our efforts to break open the world of fashion.

GlobalFashionProject.net will be the hub on the World Wide Web that brings people who are under the radar of the fashion scene together with people who are looking for the next fashion superstars. This site will be a resource for people who want to learn and hone their craft. Spectators to the industry will enjoy seeing the people featured here rise to the top.

As our project picks up steam, we will strive to build a community of up-and-coming talents in the industry, giving them their first world wide exposure and propelling them to success.

Watch, as this outpost on the web grows! Be certain to register with us, so your Inbox will receive notices about every new page, post, and photo shoot as they are published. Follow Global Fashion Project and KEEL MAGAZINE on your social media.

Spread the word! And, of course, keep an eye out here for the next volume of KEEL MAGAZINE!


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