10 TIPS 1. Choosing the right agencyOne of the most important decisions you’ll make as a model is choosing an agency. If you’re lucky enough to be presented with several options there are many things to

Vedrana Grbovic Koprivica


1. Choosing the right agency
One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a model is choosing an agency. If you’re lucky enough to be presented with several options there are many things to consider. Take a look at the girls who are currently on their books. Is there a very large number of models? How many of them are regularly working? Beware of agencies that ask for membership fees. In my experience, a reputable and strong agency will not charge you to sign with them. Their scout or booker needs to identify your ‘potential’ and then invest in realizing it and capitalizing on it.

2. Rescue Remedies
Every woman has a collection of beauty tips she turns to in ‘emergency’ situations. The models worst nightmare is looking in the mirror the night before a big job and seeing a pimple the size of a satellite on her forehead. I’d add morning puffiness as I am one of those sleeping beauties who wake up looking like a chipmunk. I combat the first by securing a refrigerated slice of raw potato on my problematic spot for as long as I can the night before and treating my face to a few moments in cold water with ice cubes upon waking up. Do this carefully so as not to irritate your skin by ‘freezing’ it.

3. Network to get work
If you are like me and your idea of a career path goes beyond perfecting posing, it is very important to make the most of each modeling assignment by getting to know the team you are working with. The contacts I made as a model have come in very handy later in life when I began working in event marketing and advertising. Instead of spending the day staring at your iPad, take the time to get to know the people you are working with and to learn a thing or two.

4. Practice makes perfect
It is a cliché but it is also very true. Being photogenic will only get you so far, it is very important to get to know your angles, practice original poses and various expressions. This means spending a fair amount of time in front of the mirror. It’s not vanity- it’s research.

5. ‘The Model Bag’
My model bag is a staple. After my book, it’s the most important item I carry on set. In it, you’ll find items such as water, a snack, double-sided tape, wet-wipes, tweezers, safety pins, eye drops, make-up essentials, a spare pair of nude underwear, nude and black high heels. I also pack a change scarf to put over my head so as to avoid staining collars with makeup when changing.

6. Tip to Toe
The pet peeve of industry professionals is models that arrive unprepared. There is no excuse for neglecting to perform basic maintenance. A professional model should always arrive with clean skin and hair, neat and presentable nails and with all excess facial and body hair removed. Remember, the make-up chair is not a day spa and nobody wants to Photoshop Chewbacca legs.

7. Mastering the catwalk
The first step to mastering the catwalk is acknowledging that it’d not just a walk. Over time, girls develop a trademark strut that can book jobs even before the casting is complete. I recommend recording your walk in a challenging pair of heels and watching the footage to pinpoint anything that looks awkward. I’m also a big advocate of activities such as Latin dancing that will help you loosen up the hips and add a wow factor to your walk.

8. The client is always right
We’ve all been in situations where we didn’t quite like our hair, makeup or the outfits we had been allocated on a job. However, it is very important to know your jurisdiction. Each person is being paid to do their part of the job and as difficult as it can be to let others dictate sometimes you just have to learn to accept the challenge and make the most of what you are given.

9. Multitasking
I love to see models studying on the job. I’ve been known to spend up to 17 hours on set at video clip shoots and most of that time was spent waiting. This is a unique opportunity to complete tasks that generally give way to procrastination, so don’t be afraid to bring a book or creative project.

10. Learning for Life
The most important tip for aspiring or working models would have to be to always strive to acquire life skills during your time as a model. For each country I worked in, I tried to learn a few phrases in the local language, explored the streets map in hand and learned to plan and organize for a productive day. The career of a model is often short-lived, but the skills that are developed can be of life-long benefit.

Written By: Vedrana Grbovic

Vedrana Grbovic is a Serbian-Australian model who began her career as a child 20 years ago. She is most famous for representing Serbia at the 2006 Miss World Contest and her many appearances in international fashion magazines, music videos, television shows, events, and catwalks.



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